Pickles The Parrot

My Videos 

8 Weeks Old - Just 4 weeks until he goes home with us! 

You can find dozens of videos of Pickles on YouTube. http://www.youtube.com/user/georgi50/videos?view=0

Pickles is very camera shy and will stop whatever he's doing if he sees a camera but my nice Nikon with the good zoom helps.  However, if he notices it aimed at him or if he sees the light on, he freezes up.  The only way to get videos of him talking is to leave the camera on and leave the room however, all my attempts at that have amounted to video footage of an empty perch as Pickles wanders away from the frame.  We have a few videos of him talking and keep trying for more.

 Pickles is always happy to go to bed ...

A really old video of Pickles talking (had a bad camera back then).  It's really hard to get videos of him talking, he hates the camera.  I have to set it up on a stand and leave the room but he always ends up walking out of the frame.  ARG! 

 Waxwings in our pond ...

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